Sony video likens HD game remasters to makeup

I get where Sony is going with this extended Japanese commercial, but HD remasters are not like makeup. Remaking a game in HD is all math and upscaling and technical things. Makeup is freaking magic. I’ve seen people transform into totally different beings through the power of makeup.

While they’re a bit off on how scaling up games for HD might be like layering on eyeshadow and lipstick, at least they’re showing off game footage. HD Yakuza, Zone of the Enders, Okami and Ratchet and Clank footage can be found in this video. And of course, while we have it embedded above, you’ll want to watch it in HD.

A few notes: Okami HD is crazy beautiful in person. I saw it at Comic-Con earlier this month and can tell you that the HD footage does not do it justice. Also, Japanese Ratchet freaks me the f*ck out.


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