Sony updates PS3 firmware with some useful, new features

Like a cat that steals your breath while you sleep, Sony has quietly updated the firmware for the PlayStation 3.

Main Features Revised in System Software Version 1.70

You can now download PlayStation® format software from PLAYSTATION®Store, and play it on the PS3™ system.

You can now use saved data for PlayStation® format software on the PSP™ system.

You can now use the vibration function of accessories that are for use with PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format software.

All of these features should come as a pleasant surprise to PlayStation 3 owners. Even though it’s totally last-generation technology that Sony doesn’t care about, having vibration when using Dual Shock compatible controllers should make folks happy.

The most exciting feature in this update is the ability to download and play PlayStation 1 games from the PSN store and actually play them on the PS3. Prior to now, all PlayStation 1 software that was downloaded from the store could only be played on the Sony PSP.

While this new promised feature is all well and good, some users are reporting that any PSX software they’ve downloaded prior to this update doesn’t seem to work on their PS3 system. I couldn’t verify this first-hand, as I’m not really all that keen on paying $4.99 for Syphon Filter. It’s likely that all future downloads will be PS3 compatible from this point on.

[Thanks to my PlayStation 3 and Dtoid user, BrOnXbOmBr21, for the tip]

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