Sony translator doesn’t give a crap about Gran Turismo PSP

I thought Sony’s showing at E3 was pretty strong this year. Their press conference was a delight for this gamer, as it featured new games and tech that I can look forward to in 2009 and on. There was one low point in their press conference, though.

As a racing game fan, I was excited to see Polyphony Digital’s Kazunouri Yamauchi take the stage. It told me that a new Gran Turismo would be announced, and I was right.  Yamauchi seemed a bit nervous, but the problem wasn’t with him. It was his translator. What a dick. Seriously. I get that not everyone is a Gran Turismo fan, but he could at least act like he was excited for the game while on stage.

Hit the jump to see the translator’s dickery in video.

[via Gemaga]

Dale North