Sony to offer PSP movie downloads; UMD ready to go die now

According to the Financial Times, Sony is in talks with “ and film download sites such as Movielink and CinemaNow” to complete a movie download service that would be set to launch sometime early next year. The move would certainly signal the real end of the UMD format and be the ultimate hint at the PSP 2 having a hard drive or flash memory — though most of us already assumed that.

If you’re worried about space on your PSP for a movie, well perhaps battery life should be more of a concern. Why? Because if you’re packin’ a big memory stick, then you’ll be good to go. According to the article, Sony will distribute a “4Gb memory stick capable of storing 10 feature films.”

Bye bye UMD, hello digital download. How long until Blu-ray suffers the same fate?


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