Sony to maintain availibility the 20GB and 60GB PS3s in Japan?

According to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai, Sony will be maintaining the availability of the 20GB and 60GB models of the PlayStation 3 in Japan. 

1UP has translated an interview with the SCE President from the latest Weekly Famitsu, and in that interview Hirai was asked about potential future price drops for the PS3. In his reply, Hirai mentions “keeping the 20GB and 60GB” systems.

When there are more games on the console and the unit itself has also shipped a fair number, one trend is that we are able to reduce the costs. When games of different genres have been released, some of these will appeal to the masses and this is when we have to consider a pricing which would appeal to these types of audiences. This is a common trend so the PS3 doesn’t need to go against such trends. By keeping the 20GB and 60GB, we are leaving as many options as possible for the consumers to choose from.

Seeing as how this was a Japanese language interview, Hirai surely meant that these two models would continue to be available in Japan, and not necessarily outside of the country. It’s not clear if the models he’s referring to are older stock or newly made systems, but it’s a shame that the 20GB model was discontinued in the US. Having that available now at a lower price point would probably do Sony some good. 

Dale North