Sony to lock out other operating systems in firmware

One of the more interesting choices Sony made available for PS3 owners, the ability to install an operating system other than the console standard, looks like it’s about to go out the window. While PS3 Slim users have never had the opportunity to install a different OS, even older systems will have the capability disabled, according to the Official PlayStation Blog. Security concerns have been cited as the reason.

The change goes down with firmware update 3.21, slated to hit PlayStation Network on April 1st at midnight (JST). The update is optional, of course, and people who choose to no longer be able to connect to PSN, watch DRM-protected videos purchased from the PlayStation Store or play future games which would require the update can go ahead and skip it.

A bummer for some, I’m sure. While it was unlikely that I would have ever done such a thing, the idea that it was even possible was pleasing and I am a little sad to hear it’s going away.

PS3 Firmware (v3.21) Update [PlayStation Blog]

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