Sony teaser site for revival of old RPG Oreshika

In PlayStation game Oreshika, released back in 1999, you played as a person that worked to rid their family of a curse that made them age 50 times faster than normal. It combined RPG and strategy elements, had great art, and was basically so Japanese that it never came out here.

Now a new teaser site hints at a revival for the classic. Andriasang points us to a teaser site from Sony for a new project based on this Ore no Shikabane wo Koeteyuke. The teaser site shows the data for a PSN download of the original, but then fakes us out, fades out and then shows the teaser graphic. It also plays a really pretty song.

The page also mentions a talk taking place in Tokyo tomorrow. Expect to hear more then. For now, we know nothing of platform or format.  

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