Sony Support site leaks possible titles

Recently, Scrawl found a list containing some unannounced titles while perusing the PlayStation UK support site. The potential games were filed under the heading “Games compatible with the Dualshock 3” controller, which was last updated on July 8 of this year. This is especially interesting considering that some of the games mentioned are exclusively PSN.

Alien Sports: Minigolf (PSN) (Zen Studios)
Battle Fantasia (505 Games)
Cinnamon Beats (Secret Exit)
Eternal Sonata (NBG)
Maxim Pinball (Zen Studios)
Punisher: War Zone (Zen Studios)
Underfire (PSN) (Doublesix)

These titles are supposed to be only UK specific, but I could easily see them dropping across the pond shortly thereafter, or even before. Just like the guys at Scrawl pointed out, I wonder about the future of Eternal Sonata. There has been a consistent back-and-forth with the porting of the game to the PS3. Additionally, I’m especially glad to see that my controller will be able to rumble while playing Punisher: War Zone. Surely, this new Punisher title will be one of the greatest action games ever created and I welcome the opportunity to feel Frank Castle’s rage in-between my palms.

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