Sony still thinking of a name for the PS3 Wiimote

Sony has dubbed its Wiimote the “Wand Controller” for the time being, but it’s highly likely that the name shall change before it hits PlayStation 3s around the world. In truth, Sony is still in the process of naming the Wiimote, with a few monikers being considered as we speak.

“There are several candidates for the name of the controller,” explains Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida. “The SIXAXIS and the DualShock 3 — while great product names — are based on the actual tech. The name we pick for the Wand Controller maybe won’t be so techy.”

Apparently, the name won’t be so “techy” because Sony is trying to appeal to the mystical “casual” market, and we all know how terrified those people are of technology. Don’t worry though, all those who have been pigeonholed into the ridiculously broad “hardcore” demographic. Sony believes you’ll like the PS3 Wiimote as well: “Hardcore gamers are surprised how accurate and responsive the Wand is.”

What would you call the Sony Wiimote? 

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