Sony sticks it to its competitors by sharing sales numbers again right before E3

‘Almost’ 60 million PS4s, one million PSVRs

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Ah Sony. Ever since the (mostly warranted) hubris of the “this is how you share games on PlayStation” video they’ve been sticking it to Microsoft directly, and indirectly, Nintendo’s Wii U.

While Microsoft is shying away from sales numbers Sony is giving them out nearly every month, and sent out yet another reminder going into E3. To date, the publisher claims “almost” 60 million in sales for the PS4, which is a follow-up of their 60 million shipped number at the end of March. Also, they’ve pushed one million PSVR headsets (915,000 were sold in the first three months, so sales have been tapering off like crazy), and Horizon Zero Dawn sold 3.4 million copies. Sony also notes that “one in five” PS4s sold since November have been a PS4 Pro.

This is only good news going into E3 for them, as they’ll no doubt have plenty of announcements to push their sales even further. Sony needs to kick it into gear to top the Wii’s 101.63 million in lifetime sales and crack the top five best selling console list — it’ll be an interesting ride.

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