Sony shuts down Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

They also created MotorStorm

After all of the issues with Driveclub, a lot of folks were probably waiting to hear some bad news out of Evolution Studios, and today, it happened. Sony has announced that it’s closing the developer, who also handled the MotorStorm series. Just last year there were massive layoffs at the company, and Sony has announced that “where possible” they will try to reallocate some folks within Sony. Evolution was a part of SCE Worldwide Studios for 10 years.

It’s always sobering to me to remember back when a developer is on stage, talking about their vision, and then fast-forwarding to the moment of their closure. It’s unclear as to what will happen with the Driveclub franchise, as Evolution was just showing off a VR version as of last week. It stands to reason that this news came suddenly for those affected.

Sony confirms closure of Evolution Studios []

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