Sony showed exactly one more minute of Ghost of Tsushima

Full trailer at The Game Awards

It feels like we’ve been waiting on Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima for a long time. After this morning’s State of Play stream, we’re left again waiting for another look. It’ll be more bearable this time.

Sony confirmed that we’re getting a full-length Ghost of Tsushima trailer at The Game Awards on Thursday, December 12. That’s great considering that we haven’t really heard much about it since E3 2018. Sucker Punch has had its head down, working on the game, and staying out of the spotlight.

Today, however, we were treated to a one-minute teaser for that upcoming trailer. There are samurais, but no samurai fighting. Close, though. Like as close as you can possibly get without someone getting shived with a katana. You’ll get to see blood on Thursday.

Brett Makedonski
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