Sony should sell out to Microsoft, according to rich Japanese crook

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Crooked billionaire Takafumi Horie has made a most bold statement indeed — the former Livedoor boss has stated that Sony’s hardware division, including the PlayStation 3, should be sold onto Microsoft so that the company can concentrate on making movies.

The former funky fraudster, commonly known as Horiemon, suggested that at one time he was going to take Sony over, and also offered some advice to the company he never owned:

“What was so appealing about Sony was that it has plenty of audio and visual content. It also has mobile and music hardware technology, organic electro-luminescence technology (OLED), financial products (Sony operates a bank in Japan), and FeliCa technology (smart cards).

Just what it doesn’t need are consumer electronics like TVs, it was thinking of selling them off to Chinese consumer electronics companies.

In the console market, when the going is good, it’s really good, but when it’s bad there’s a lot of risk, so I was thinking it would be better to be done with it and sell it off to Microsoft.”

We should point out that this man claims to be a big player of God of War … on the Xbox. Perhaps not the right man to be giving out videogames industry advice. Besides which, I’d have thought Grand Theft Auto was more this guy’s style.

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