Sony shooting entire wad all over Europe; 30 games at PS3 launch

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Instead of staggering release dates for PlayStation 3 games in Europe, it appears as if Sony is just gonna go ahead and explode onto the region with one massive launch — to make up for the delay? As a potential olive branch, the company is launching on March 23 in Europe with 30 games available to gamers there. From Eurogamer:

“It is our aspiration that all of the 30 titles mentioned in our announcement will be available at launch of PlayStation 3 on 23rd March,” Sony’s David Wilson told Eurogamer.

The launch line-up is vast and features big titles like Oblivion, Virtua Tennis 3 and MotorStorm. Quite a few are already available on Xbox 360 – something Sony believes won’t matter, insisting that depth and choice will ultimately prevail.

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