Sony says Neo won’t shorten PS4 lifecycle

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I mean, new hardware just means more commitment, right?

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Lots of folks are upset about incoming new hardware from Microsoft and Sony (and maybe even the Nintendo NX, to some extent) because it somehow invalidates their earlier purchases. Me, I feel like the more powerful consoles will be a stopgap and extend the console generation, meaning I don’t have to buy a new thing anytime soon.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida agrees with me, telling Gamewelt.TV, “new high-end PS4 is still PS4, so the life cycle is not going to be shorter.”

No actual Neo news, though. The company elected not to show it off at E3, while Microsoft book ended its stage show with two hardware announcements. Yoshida, incidentally, “was not expecting them to talk about [Project Scorpio].” Sony is waiting until, “we can show it properly,” but there aren’t too many shows left this year (Paris Games Week or Tokyo Game Show?) if the “Neo” is indeed coming this year.

Shuhei Yoshida E3 2016 Interview [Gamewelt.TV]

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