Sony reveals the PSP Engine

DA PSP GOT NO GAMES, DAWG … but it does have a shiny new engine that can take the few it does have and make putting them on the PS3 easier. 

The PSP Engine, unveiled last night, streamlines the porting process, so developers can more easily take their PSP games and add them to Sony’s “PSP Remaster” library. High resolution rendering, dual analogue controls, stereoscopic 3D, shared save data, and memory and graphical expansion are all included, and will feature in the first PSP Remaster, Monster Hunter Portable HD

This is actually an interesting and savvy move on the part of Sony. Allowing a way for games to easily “abandon ship” as the PSP winds up and the PS Vita prepares to take over is a smart way of ensuring these older games have a relevant place on store shelves. Pretty cool stuff.

Sony unveils PSP Engine [andriasang]

Jim Sterling