Sony releases another sound and video comparison for Dragon’s Crown Pro

HD to 4K, original to live orchestra

Dragon’s Crown Pro, the PS4 port of the original Dragon’s Crown, is nearly here, set to launch in the west on May 15. In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on it the idea is that it’ll not only interface with old versions, but upgrade the original with new 4K visuals and an enhanced soundtrack.

Although we’ve gotten plenty of chances to see the former enhancement in action the latter has been a  bit more elusive — until today that is. Sony and Atlus just released two quick 20 second comparison tracks that help you get a better idea of how much effort went into the new soundtrack.

According to Atlus, the Hitoshi Sakimoto soundtrack has been re-recorded with a live orchestra — and if for some reason you want to listen to the old one you can swap it back. Listen to both the original and redone tracks here on the official PlayStation Blog post.

Dragon’s Crown Pro: Adventuring with a New Orchestral Soundtrack [PlayStation Blog]

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