Sony reaches new levels of stupidity with quote from Jack Tretton

The latest issue of EGM reached my house yesterday, and try as I might, I haven’t been able to come up with anything to say about a quote made by Sony’s Jack Tretton that could make it look any worse, so here it is:

“If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that’s been on shelves for more than five minutes, I’ll give you 1,200 bucks for it. I can get any retail buyer on the phone with you and get them to verify that there’s not a single retail location in America where there’s a PlayStation 3 on the shelf for sale. They’ve all been sold in a matter of minutes.”

I want to be a nice guy about this, so let’s assume that Jack is blind, has no sense of smell and has a prehensile tail. Based on that sort of hideous deformity, one could theoretically assume he has more important things to worry about than the actual reality surrounding his company’s largest, most expensive gambit, and that, perhaps, he has been spending the last few months learning to read braille in an effort to integrate with regular human society, as opposed to the French bell tower he currently resides in. Now, assuming all of that, and maybe adding in the fact that he’s from a race of subterranean humanoids, one could possibly forgive the utter stupidity of what he said in that interview with EGM.

Of course, if Jack isn’t a horrible homunculus, then it’s a miracle that he has been feeding himself this long without choking to death on a spoon.

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