Sony puts another nail in PS Mobile’s coffin

Service will disappear on September 10

PlayStation Mobile is shutting down for good this summer. No new PSM games will be released for the service after July 15, at which point players will no longer be able to buy any new content.

On September 10 the portal will disappear entirely, preventing players from re-downloading previously acquired content or making further in-app purchases.

Should you wish to keep any PSM games (like Tokyo Jungle Mobile or Super Crate Box) on your smartphone, tablet, or Vita, you’ll need to re-download the software prior to September 10.

Sony maintains it “cannot provide refunds for any PlayStation Mobile content that may be lost.”

Destructoid was recently contacted by Necrosoft Games, whose upcoming project Oh, Deer! figures to be among the last titles released on PSM. The developer says Oh, Deer! was submitted Thursday, apparently just one day prior to Sony’s deadline for new applications.

PSM users will have roughly two months to get the game, after which time it (and everything else on the platform) will be gone forever. “Kind of romantic! Going down with the ship and all!”

Here’s what the game looks like:

Very romantic.

PlayStation Mobile Information [Sony — Thanks, Jonathan]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson