Sony pulls off a pretty solid month of PS Plus games for March

That leak about March’s PS Plus games was right

That leak from a few days ago was correct! Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam will be headlining the free games on offer for PS Plus members this month. While I’ve never heard of Disc Jam, I did 100% the Vita version of Tearaway and really enjoyed it. It is a fun little game with a lot of charm and some excellent music, so I’m definitely looking forward to hearing that score on my surround setup.

Along with those titles for PS4 players come Earth Defense Force 2025 and Under Night: In-Birth for PS3 owners. I have no idea what that second title is, but it has a cool name. Vita members get the excellent Severed and the Cross-Buy enabled title Lumo. I guess it could be better, but Severed isn’t to be missed.

PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017 [PlayStation Blog]

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