Sony PSP causes a fire in boy’s pants

The Sony PlayStation Portable is a hot little game system, but in one gamer’s case, it got so hot it almost burnt his business!

A Warner Middle School student was in band, probably doing band things, while his PSP was stowed away in his pants pocket. Later, around 8:30 am, Farmington Hills firefighters were called to the school, as this seventh grader’s pants caught fire. Embarassing!

They treated the unnamed boy’s leg burns at the school, and then he was transfered to a hospital for further treatment. It’s a bit difficult to imagine a pants explosion, but a school district spokesperson said that his injuries were severe.

While officials are still investigating the cause, it seems that the PSP battery overheated and exploded. If I had to guess, I’d say that our band buddy was using a third-party battery replacement instead of Sony’s battery.

Wow. I feel for this guy. How is a band geek ever going to live this down? I imagine “liar, liar” jokes and “hot crotch” or “fire bush” nicknames circulating already. What’s worse is that the school was put on lockdown for emergency crews to enter and exit the building. Everyone in school must have heard about this — nevermind the millions of Destructoid readers reading this now.

Sorry, kid. You’re not going to want to see the pictures and responses from our readers.

[Via FreeP and ClickOn Detroit — Thanks, NihonTiger] 

Dale North