Sony: PS3 price cut for U.S. only

It seems like only gamers in the United States will benefit from Sony’s recent price drop to $499 for the 60gb model of the PlayStation 3. My apologies to our worldwide readers. While Sony may not love you, we still do. Feel free to throw out the obligatory ‘we didn’t want one anyway’ posts.

Bloomberg reports that although the U.S. saw a 17 percent price cut for the PS3, Sony has no plans to discount in the console in Asia or Europe. The company says that there are no plans “at this point” and follows up with a ‘no comment’ about the future.

“Sony is having a tough time with its PlayStation,” said Shigemi Nonaka, chairman at Polestar Investment Management Co. in Tokyo, which has $218 million in assets including Sony shares. “Sony’s always had this image of being at the leading edge of technology, but they’ve fallen behind the Wii.”

If you think about yesterday’s report about Sony’s game division still losing money while the rest of the company is making money, it kind of makes sense that they would only want to cut prices in one market. It is understandable that they would want to do this to spark sales in this large of a market, but there’s no denying that other countries will feel cheated.

Never give up hope, though. Not too long ago Sony said that they had ‘no plans’ to reduce the price of the PS3, and then a price drop was announced early July.

[via Bloomberg]

Dale North