Sony: PS3 issues resolved! Really. Maybe.

This just never gets old. Ohh, SCE, how I love poking fun at you and then laughing all the way through the comments when I see angry PlayStation fanboys wetting their pants and spluttering angrily at their monitors.

So, according to Gamasutra, Sony’s walking, talking human advertisement, David Karraker issued a statement saying the company was “very pleased” with Sony’s PS3 hardware and software sales so far. Yes, David, it certainly is impressive that you managed to sell 197,000 units, given the PS3’s pricing, lack of decent games and issues with video output. 

But of course, as it is with all SCE employees monkeys, Karraker didn’t stop there. Oh no, he just couldn’t hold back from doing what he does best; spouting more PR nonsense in the desperate hope that someone would actually believe him this time. And who can blame him? That’s what he gets paid to do, after all.

On the heels of video game hardware and software U.S. sales numbers for November released yesterday by NPD, Sony’s PR head David Karraker has issued a statement noting that the company is “very pleased” with the data, adding that manufacturing problems that ham stringed the production of the PlayStation 3 at launch “have been resolved.”

NPD data found that following the November 17 launch of the PlayStation 3 in North America, Sony had only shipped 197,000 units during its debut month rather than the earlier projected 400,000. However, Karraker reiterated in the official statement that both he and Sony “remain focused on having one million PS3’s in the pipeline by December 31, 2006,” while at the same time echoing Sony’s earlier commitment to airlift consoles to retail outlets within North America for the remainder of the year.

Yes, yes, David. We believe you. We heard you the first fifty billion times. 1 million “in the pipeline” by the end of 2006. Gotcha. More importantly, let the comment flaming begin!

Wow, I just plugged Gamasutra three times in that entire post.

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