Sony PR head quits, gets back to vodka

SCEA’s senior director of corporate communications Dave Karraker is calling it quits and packing his things for his last day, September 7th.

Karraker is “clearing his desk” only one year after taking the job. One year might not sound like a lot of time, but remember that he had to brave through one hellacious year last year with the PS3, so you almost can’t blame the guy. You could say that it was almost enough to drive one to drink.

He assures us that this is not the reason, saying that he’d rather be closer to home and back to an industry he’s more familiar with. He came to SCEA from Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine, heading up PR for several booze brands. After he leaves Sony, he’ll be hitting the sauce again, this time as the head of PR and events for Skyy Spirit. Cheers.

“It has been a wild ride and an incredibly enriching experience,” said Karraker. “I have enjoyed immensely my tenure at SCEA and think the company and its brands are very well positioned to have an exceptional holiday and a very bright future.  I look forward to continuing to follow this industry as a gamer, rather than a spokesperson.”

Alright, who’s next? 

[Via Next-Gen]

Dale North