Sony PR boss Dave Karraker’s exit interview

We just told you about Sony’s PR head Dave Karraker leaving the games industry to get back to the booze business (who wouldn’t want to do that?), and now that today is his last day, has a sort of exit interview with him.

In his interview, he talks about the challenges of heading up public relations during the PS3’s launch, his previous work history, and what it will be like for him to get back to the spirits industry.

“The spirits business is more about positioning and building a loyalty for a specific type of spirit and its a much lower profile way of doing things,” said Karraker. “You’re not in people’s faces 24 hours a day and you’re certainly not responding to blogs 24 hours a day.”

Next-Gen couldn’t let Karraker go without first talking about the Kotaku/Sony “blackballing” incident. Of course, the “buddies” eventually kissed and made up, and Karraker thinks that things worked out for the best.

“I think that any company including Sony needs to stand their ground at some point,” said Karraker.  “Did we go maybe a little too far? That’s possible. But what resulted is actually a really good relationship with Kotaku which prior to that whole incident was actually rather cantankerous. So at the end of the day, I think the result was that we have a better relationship with Kotaku.”

Well, Dave, it’s been fun. Have a good time at Skyy. Oh, and good job with the whole PlayStation Blog thing. We’ll be seeing you.

Dale North