Sony politely asks developers to support Move, 3D

With games like Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and SOCOM 4 shoveling Move support into their games, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Sony is demanding its implementation. The publisher, however, has declared that it has never ordered 3D or Move support in its games, it merely makes requests.

“Whenever we come out with new technology, whether it’s Move or 3D, there is always the request that goes out to the teams that says, ‘Hey it would be great if you could implement it’,” explained senior brand manager Scott McCarthy. “We know that adds to the layer of not only the marketing message we have access to but it also adds to the availability of different Sony channels that we can broadcast our message out to.”

It’s certainly a request that developers have been happy to meet so far. Looks like a 3DTV and PlayStation Move are set to become crucial components to any PS3 fan who’s serious about his devotion to the Black Box o’ Blu-ray. I hope the people at N4G have a lot of money, in that case!

Sony Requests Developers to Look at Move, 3D Support [Industry Gamers]

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