Sony patches PSP processor potential; perplexed patrons ponder prior pertinence

(Editor’s Note: Five bones to the first one of you who provides me with a proper synonym for ‘Sony’ that begins with a ‘P’. Otherwise it’s suicide for me, yet again. — Nex)

In the terribly one-sided handheld race, no one has ever claimed that the PSP was a “gimped” machine, and yet, apparently it was.

With the latest firmware update (version 3.50), Sony has confirmed that it has unlocked the PSP processor’s true potential, and that now games can utilize its full 333MHz clock speed. Up until the patching, the PSP had been capped at 222MHz (unbeknownst to many) presumably to enhance battery life. While the longevity of Sony’s tiny black wonder has never been something to write home about — realistic averages put it at around five hours — it never sunk to the Gore-infuriating levels of previous handhelds (Game Gear, I’m looking in your direction).

While it goes without saying that boosting the power of the processor in any handheld is going to be detrimental to its battery life, until developers start taking advantage of the full capacity of the system we won’t know just how many thousands of phone calls angry parents will be making to Sony’s Customer Service hotline when little Johnny Blu-ray and Susie Universalmediadisc start to complain that their favorite handheld is running out of juice well before mommy and daddy stop “wrestling”. 

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