Sony ordered to pay 5 million yen to PS2 tech inventor

A guy named Hidehiro Kume invented an optical pickup that was used to write/read discs in both the PS2 and original PlayStation back in the day. Obviously that was a pretty important thing for Sony. But Kume didn’t feel it was important enough to them, so he took them to court.

At first a lower court denied his claim for compensation for the invention, but a high court came through for him. They ruled that Sony has to pay out 5.1 million yen (about $60k) as a reward.

“I thank the court for identifying some of my contributions to the company,” Kume said of the ruling. “But the company should have appreciated my contributions when I was an employee.”


Kotaku says that Kume was originally seeing 100 million yen (almost $1.2 million).

Dale North