Sony: NGP will be ‘affordable’

So the NGP has been announced, a successor to the PSP with quad-core, 3G, twin sticks, a touchpad, intense graphics and motion sensing. As we find ourselves drowning in specifications, only one question remains unanswered — are we going to need a second mortgage to pay for this thing?

Sony has refused to put a price on it just yet, but has maintained that it will be “affordable” and priced in a way that’s “appropriate for the handheld gaming space.” 

Of course, that doesn’t say much. Sony thought that $599 was affordable for a PS3 once, provided you do the decent thing and take on a second job. Not to mention, with things like the iPad knocking about, “appropriate” for the market can range anywhere from $200 to $800 these days. 

So … will this be affordable for normal people, or affordable to Scrooge McDuck? My anus is tightly clenched in anticipation of the answer. 

Sony: NGP price will be “affordable” [Eurogamer]

James Stephanie Sterling