Sony mocks iPhone in utterly obnoxious ad

Despite the iPhone being better than the PSP, Sony has used its obnoxious little pet Marcus to make fun of the system (again) for having terrible games. The irony, in case you couldn’t tell, is almost eye-scorching in its amazing lack of self-awareness. 

The very fact that Marcus exists is proof that Sony will always give the PSP a raw deal. The PS3 gets the genuinely funny Kevin Butler, while the PSP gets this flapping gargoyle of a child. It speaks volumes of what Sony believes the PSP audience to be when this homunculus presumes to speak for them.

Anyway, maybe when Sony can offer a real digital download solution for the PlayStation Portable, it’ll be better at handheld gaming than Apple. Right now though, with a wealth of robust games that cost less than five bucks (not to mention all the freebies), Apple is better. I’ll take paper tossing over $40 digital versions of games that I can get for cheaper at GameStop. 

Jim Sterling