Sony man tried to make God of War an FPS

Can you imagine Kratos as a gun-wielding space marine? It could have happened. SCEA art director Ken Fieldman in fact tried to make it happen, confessing that he once unsuccessfully lobbied for God of War to become a first-person-shooter. Can you believe that?

“I tried unsuccessfully to convince [GoW Director] Stig to make ‘God of War III’ a first-person shooter,” he explains. “Kratos could have some truly badass huge weapons that rip Gods to shreds. Unfortunately he didn’t see the genius in the idea.”

I’m glad Stig didn’t. We have enough FPS games out there, and God of War ended up being one of the greatest videogames of the last generation. Would you have been interested in GoW as an FPS, or are you glad to be dispensing the wrath of the Gods in a third-person perspective?

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