Sony launches recycling initiative, pledges to ‘take pollution down to zeeeeero’

In an effort to appease Archduke of Planetary Happiness Al Gore, Sony has greatly expanded its previously lacking recycling initiative to include 75 recycling stations across the United States that will henceforth accept any Sony or Sony Ericsson branded gadgets free of charge. The stations will safely dispose of all the Walkmans (Walkmen?), PlayStations and various unloved MiniDisc players using a combination of high-tech machinery and guys who get paid to smash things to ensure that all the hazardous plastics and acids used in modern electronics manufacturing don’t end up causing birth defects amongst raccoons and smaller, more adorable creatures.

California and Minnesota will receive the majority of the centers — 17 and 19, respectively — while eight other states will receive one each. 32 states will remain sans recycling centers. As stated above, the centers will accept any Sony or Sony Ericsson product, but if you ask very nicely and grease the correct palms, they will also accept and dispose of any other brand you may have grown tired of.

While it doesn’t have the immediate karmic and economical benefits of a PlayStation 3 price drop, being kind to the planet is sure to earn Sony a few smiling emoticons for the corporation, at least amongst the bong water, dreadlocks and Loco Roco set.

Earnest Cavalli
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