Sony is trying to ramp up its PS5 hardware output

Have you secured a PS5 yet?

Sony has stated that it is making efforts to increase production on its tough-to-find next-gen hardware, PlayStation 5. Speaking in an interview with Nikkei Business (as translated by VGC) CEO Jim Ryan talked of the issues Sony faced has in both the manufacture and worldwide distribution of the new console, already six months into its lifespan.

“There are several reasons why PS5 was hard to come by,” said Ryan. “Supply under the new coronavirus was very complicated, and we had to limit distribution to online. The supply and demand for semiconductors is also tight worldwide. We are asking our suppliers to allow us to increase production, which will flow into the market this year.”

It’s a surprisingly paradoxical situation, as while the PS5 has been a difficult console to purchase in almost all global territories, Sony’s fancy new box has still bagged the title of fastest-selling console in U.S. history, with an estimated 4.5 million units sold in 2020 and well over six million units sold in total. In regards to software, PS5 is still struggling to get out of the starting blocks, with Housemarque’s upcoming Returnal being the brand’s first major exclusive in months.

Ryan also touched upon this subject of exclusive games, stating his belief that the PS5 platform would eventually see more “more dedicated software than ever before”, while not ruling out the possibility of further studio acquisitions. It has been a staggered start for gaming’s new dawn, more so than even previous gens. But with each new generation, console lifespans only increase — and as such it remains very early days for PlayStation 5.

Chris Moyse
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