Sony is ready to teardown the PS5 and show us what’s inside

Also, trophies are changing

The PS5 is nearly ready to launch, and Sony is giving is the teardown video to prove it.

Just this morning the publishing giant gave us a full seven-minute rundown of the innards of the PS5, breaking it apart piece by piece. As Sony notes: you probably shouldn’t try this at home without a technical background of some sort.

For the most part, this clip is for gearheads, and tells us a lot of what we already know. The PS5 is equipped with an x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU, AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine GPU, GDDR6 16GB of memory and liquid metal cooling. Sony is also sporting a Wi-Fi 6 antenna as well as USB-A and USB-C.

That look from Yasuhiro Ootri (VP, Mechanical Design at Sony) at the end is so satisfying. It’s huge “bring it” energy.

Sony also shifted gears from a software standpoint, and took the opportunity to explain how trophies are changing over on the PlayStation Blog. In short, trophy ranges are going from 1-100 to 1-999. Once the update hits it’ll automatically reconfigure your level (the example given is “12” will go to “the low 200s”). Platinum trophies will now be “more valuable” and “count more toward progression,” and there will be a trophy level icon on the PS5 UI. All of this will shift over “later tonight.”

Simple stuff, but exciting prospects for trophy hunters. The next generation is just over a month away at this point.


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