Sony is ‘bringing back’ some alternate DualShock 4 colors

Including Berry Blue

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This month, a selection of alternate DualShock 4 colors will “return” at participating retailers. Sony is also “bringing back some of the more recent stylish designs” on its direct-to-consumer store.

The list includes Steel Black, Rose Gold, Red Camouflage, and the eye-popping Berry Blue

In light of the recent confirmation that DualShock 4 controllers will work with PS4 games on PS5 but not PS5 games – to say nothing of the $65 price – this will be a tough sell for many of us. But I can imagine a situation where someone might need a controller in a pinch for one reason or another.

The DualShock 4 colors in the gallery are available right now directly from PlayStation, but if you’re leaning toward another retailer, the restock will be more gradual. Amazon has different dates for pretty much every style. For example, Berry Blue is in, but Steel Black isn’t returning until August 18.

I have a soft spot for the Magma Red design. It reminds me of the late ’90s.

Select DualShock 4 colors return this month [PlayStation Blog]

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