Sony: Home is 100% definitely arriving in 2008

Everybody knows about Home by now. Sony’s proposed “social network that isn’t actually a social network stop comparing it to Second Life” service has been in development since 1534, and sometimes it seems like the thing will never arrive. Sony is adamant, however, that Home will be available sometime over the next few months.

Martijn Van der Meulen, a producer on Home, has done his bit to reinstall belief in the product by stating that the game will “100 percent” arrive before the end of this calender year. He was also quick to restate that the service will remain a free one, and that only premium content will require gamers to reach for the credit card. 

So, there you are, Home is going to definitely appear before 2008 is finished, and we all know than an industry man’s word is his bond. You best have some spare cash in your bank account soon then — virtual T-shirts won’t simply buy themselves.

James Stephanie Sterling