Sony holds back Move support in game for PS Plus users

Sony has set a rather grim little precedent for itself, with the revelation that Move Support in High Velocity Bowling is available for “free” only to those who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Apparently spending upwards of $80 on a glow-in-the-dark Wiimote wasn’t enough of an entry fee. 

High Velocity Bowling is one of the few older PS3 games perfect for a Move support patch, but Sony is holding the support hostage for a while until it can sucker a few more people into buying Plus. Apparently non-Plus members will get this patch “in the near future” but they’ll have to wait. 

This strikes me as an incredibly stupid move on the part of Sony. Why on Earth make an exclusive out of one of the very few games out there that your newly released controller is perfect for? Is PS Plus that much of a failure that Sony needs to scratch and scrape for every little exclusive it can steal? 

I really hope that bullshit like this doesn’t become the norm. What totally counter-productive crap this truly is. 

[Thanks, Tim!]

Jim Sterling