Sony hiring team for ‘anti-piracy program’

According to two job listings — spotted by Gamasutra and subsequently removed — Sony Computer Entertainment America is looking to build a team of experts in its bid to strengthen its anti-piracy measures and tackle the recent hackery shenanigans head-on.

Both positions would be responsible for building an “anti-piracy program” with a “strong strategic online component.” Sony asked for a senior paralegal and a senior corporate counsel with knowledge of trademark and copyright law, online investigative practices, online databases, anti-piracy and DMCA products.

As noted, the job listings have been pulled from SCEA’s recruitment site, so either they found what they’re after, or they’re intended to keep this hush-hush. Either way, this is yet more evidence that Sony is turbo-serious about fighting back against the hackers. 

Will it work, or is Sony just pissing the wind?

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