Sony has stolen the Call of Duty eSports scene from Microsoft

In addition to the timed DLC releases

I’ve played every Call of Duty online since 4, and have experienced every DLC pack to date. I know, it’s insane, but I like most of them (Treyarch is my boy, blue), and a lot (a lot) of my friends play it, so I like hanging out with them. For years, I have always opted for the Xbox versions of the game, because of the reality that each DLC would arrive early for the platform, and it was the only way to play up-to-date maps with my group.

Now, that has shifted to PS4 thanks to a deal from Sony, and it was just confirmed this week that the entire eSports scene will be shifting to PS4 as a result. Say what you will about Call of Duty, but this is a massive win for Sony. Microsoft has dominated the market with shooters for years, but Sony is finally fighting back.

Call of Duty [YouTube]

Chris Carter
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