Sony hardly knows Dave Perry, but still responds to his ‘PSP2’ comments

With all of the PSP2 rumors that have been floating around the past few months, it seems likely that somewhere, someone at Sony is working on a new version of the PlayStation Portable. 

Videogame developer Dave Perry recently opened his mouth and said some things. Things like “I know this guy who does this thing and his cousin has a PSP2 and it has no UMD drive.” Of course, Perry is the father of Earthworm Jim, so we just had to listen. Why would he make that stuff up? Earthworm Jim, guys. 

MTV Multiplayer caught up with Sony’s John Koller about the rumors, and not surprisingly, he can’t (or won’t) say much. 

“Can’t comment either way,” he says when asked flat out if the rumors of a new, UMD-less PSP are true or false, “but I will reiterate that the digital component is very important to us. That’s all we can say at this point.”

When MTV’s Stephen Totilo asks Koller if he’s still friends with Perry — a developer who’s been active on high-profile games since at least the early 90s — the Sony exec laughs.

“I didn’t even know who the guy was until a month ago,” Koller says.

Well maybe you should stop giving his friend PSP2 prototypes, John. I kid!

[Via Giant Bomb, Image]

Nick Chester