Sony gets into the in-game advertising business

Sony has created a new department that is essentially an internal in-game advertisement company.  That means that Sony will now be making ads for use in Sony software and products, like the upcoming virtual PlayStation world Home and the PlayStation Network.

Sony is a huge company, and they have plenty of products from their games, electronics, music, and movies divisions that they’d like to pitch to us, but they’ll also be working with outside companies to sell virtual ad space.

This new unit will be headed up by Darlene Kindler, who was formerly employed by Irem, Data East, 3dfx Interactive and even Nintendo. Kindler will also be the go-to person that third-party publishers and other external companies would contact to get their ads in Sony’s products.

You didn’t think that they’d leave the walls and signs of Home blank, did you?

[via Next-Gen

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