Sony flings a PS3 at an LCD TV, films it for giggles

After far too many hours of playing Demon’s Souls, I know what it’s like to want to throw a PS3 at my television, but Sony Australia has actually gone and done it. As part of a big new giveaway that’s soon to be announced, Sony had a PS3 affixed to some sort of modern day supercatapult and had the machine flung at top speed into the face of a Bravia.

It’s been noted that, while the TV caved in and shattered like a child with brittle bone disease, the PS3 itself appears to be unharmed by the ordeal. I would have liked for Sony to see if it could still switch on and play videogames afterwards, but it’s good to know that I could bash a man’s head open with my machine and not have it incur any superficial damage to my precious machine.

Seriously though Sony, if you want to waste Bravia TVs, then just give one to me.

James Stephanie Sterling