Sony fixes PS3 video issues; world passes out from disbelief (Update)

So, I’ve finally crossed 100 posts on Destructoid (this being #101), and am a little high, considering I’ve only been here about a month. Within this short period of time, I have managed to piss Summa off on multiple occassions, been paired up with various people regardless of their gender, been accused of loving Naruto, and have spent a considerable amount of time with our (currently) drunk Community Manager, Ron “I *heart* little girls” Workman. So, how do I plan to waste away this momentous occassion? 

Why, by poking more fun at Sony and baiting some more of that lovely hate-mail, of course.

It looks like SCE has finally decided to pull up their socks and is trying to offer its consumers some actual *gasp* value for money. Tired of experimenting within the boundaries of oral sex, SCEA has finally decided to bite the bullet and put out … another firmware update, that is.

But wait! This latest update, 1.30, fixes the issues with video output and also enables you to back up your PS3’s hard disk to storage media. Nifty, eh? Here’s what Gamasutra had to say:

Selecting video output resolution has changed, allowing you to choose all the resolutions supported by the TV. The video will automatically be displayed at the maximum resolution possible, according to the following order: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, Standard (NTSC).

You can also restore data to your PS3 from any storage media device. USB peripherals used for PlayStation 2 games are now supported and can be used with their respective titles.

According to Gamasutra, using an HDMI cable you can also select a video output format (automatic, RGB, or Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) to suit your TV’s specifications for Blu-Ray playback. And just so you don’t feel I left you hanging, here’s your official Sony quote for the day:

“Among the key updates is support for a Blu-ray Disc (BD) remote control and the ability to select the output format for BD/DVD video through an HDMI cable. The Bluetooth-enabled remote control will be available at retail later this month for $24.99.”

Ahhh, PlayStation 3. Why must you be so like the common whore? Ready and willing to put out, but expensive enough to set me back the money I would require to keep a roof over my head so I can do naughty things with you

Oh, and Niero. In case you’re wondering why your name wasn’t mentioned, it’s because you’re awesome and everyone already knows, loves and worships you. Can I have my raise now?

[Update: OK, apparently the new “fix” isn’t exactly what we were hoping for. Check out this detailed description of what it does. Many thanks to Dot and everyone else who alerted me about this. You fail, Sony. Look at all the strikethroughs you made me use. We hate you again.]

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