Sony files patent on something that looks like a PSP iPhone

Sony Ericsson’s newly patented Orientation based multiple mode mechanically vibrated touchscreen display looks like the long-time rumored PSP phone. But it has a touch screen. Yeah, I don’t quite get it either.

Not suprisingly, this device packs in every gaming and gadget tech idea out there. Shiny touch screen? Check. Accelerometer? Check. It makes calls and it plays games. It has a haptics tactile feedback mechanism, which replaces the need for real buttons. Oh, and it has vibration right out of the box!

Sony Ericsson makes their goals pretty clear in the patent application. They say that they “set out to mimic the look and feel of the popular Sony Playstation Portable” in one mode. And, on top of being a gaming phone, this device will also work as a camera, internet browser, and music player. Wow!

And, to stop the inevitable “iPhone rip-off” cries, Unwired View notes that Sony Ericcson has been working on this idea since 2006.  

This sounds like a pretty nifty device, but I will say that I don’t own a iPhone because I need my buttons! But, with game design changing through Apple and Nintendo’s innovations, this may really be the future for portable gaming.

What about you? Would you rock this device? 

[Via Engadget]

Dale North