Sony exec ‘can’t remember’ the last time he hired a computer games graduate

A recent article in the Daily Mail is highlighting a new problem in Britian’s videogame industry –- its lack of suitable graduates coming into companies. Despite computer games degrees doubling over the past three years, graduates are coming out of universities unprepared and thus not hireable.

Jamie MacDonald, Vice President of the European branch of Sony, commented that he couldn’t “remember the last time [he] employed someone” with one of the bogus degrees. David Braben of Frontier, famous for his hatred of pre-owned sales, said that he was “shocked” at the faultiness of the education given to students.

This reminds me of the crazy commercials that we see in the US with two trendy lads tightening visuals and switching sound effects with a controller in their hands. It’s a repercussion of videogames being popular, and universities are more than happy to cash in on the enthusiasm of young adults. What’s crazy is, instead of sucking out the life from the student, academia is only crushing their ability to get proper employment.

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