Sony E3 press conference and booth in PlayStation Home

If you can’t make it to the real E3 you can at least virtually visit the Sony’s booth. You’ll also be able to virtually attend the press conference. All of this will be possible in PlayStation Home next week, says Sony. 

On Monday, June 6th, the PlayStation press conference will be streamed live in Home, in a special screening room. You’ll watch with us as they reveal new PS3 and NGP games. You might see me in the audience. I’ll be the only one flipping the sh*t out over golf titles on NGP.

There will also be a virtual Sony PlayStation booth at E3 to be explored via Home. Sony did this last year at E3, and it was a huge hit. This year you’ll be able to virtually get your hands on a NGP. Sony says that a 3D model can be explored from every angle. The booth will be open on Tuesday, June 7th, at noon Pacific time. You’ll be able to visit booth areas to unlock virtual items. Get them all and unlock the first level of Scribble Shooter. Nice!

See you there. Kinda.

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