Sony drops Gold PSP in Japan


Champagne Gold PSP

As if to pour salt on the gaping wounds left by Lik Sang’s abrubt removal from the body of gaming, Sony is releasing a blinging new color for the PSP (which is ripe for the picking): Champagne Gold. We Occidentals will be left out in the cold, again, as the new color will be Japan-only. No import for you!

Personally, I kind of like it. In a strange way. More importantly, I’m glad that in times of crisis, Sony can keep things in perspective. Who cares that the PS3 is losing exclusives left and right, or that it’s not selling like they’d hoped (i.e. at all)? What about the fact that the color scheme is the least of the PSP’s worries (analog stick, relatively weak library)? That doesn’t matter — it’s gold! Not to mention the slew of alternate colors already avaible, like blue and pink.

The latest, most decadent PSP will be shipped alone and as part of a Monster Hunter Portable 2nd Hunters pack, along with some new skins. I think a spinnahz and Hennesy pack would be much more apporpriate. Any way, Champagne Gold will drop on the 22nd, for 20,790 yen or $175.

Check the gallery for more shots of the Champagne Gold PSP, Monster Hunter extras, and some of the other colored PSPs available.

[Via Kotaku, via Playstation forums

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