Sony details the PS1-to-PSN process, mentions Tombi!

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Over on the European PlayStation Blog, PS Store team member Ross McGrath runs down how PlayStation titles are prepped and cleared for release on PSN. It’s a more in-depth process than you’d think, unless you spend your days contemplating such things. Weirdo.

Bugs, licensing issues, territory-specific publishing rights — the list goes on. Rather than have me paraphrase it all, I’d recommend giving the post a quick read. I will point out, however, this juicy quote:

“We’ve just sent another round of first-party titles for clearance and emulation to fill in the gaps in the catalogue (yes, one of them is Tombi so stop asking!) and with the list of games you’ve been asking for, we will be going back to publishers and specifically pushing for the most requested and popular titles.”

Prior to today, I had no idea that Tomba! was called Tombi! in Europe and Australia. Also, their box art (partially shown above) is significantly better than what we were left with.

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