Sony confirms UK prices for new PS3 and PSP 3000

Yesterday, Sony revealed a new SKU for each of its current gen products with a 160GB PlayStation 3 and the overhauled PSP 3000 with a superior screen and built-in microphone. Today, we now know what Brits can expect to pay for these products. Dig deep, children.

The new PS3 has an RRP of £339.99 and is scheduled to hit store shelves on October 31st, while Sony is recommending £149.99 for the PSP 3000. The PSP Slim retails for £129.99 in GameStation, just to give you an idea of the cost jump.

I have an old school PSP with an aggravating thing underneath the screen that distracts me, and I’ve been planning to swap it for a Slim model. With the PSP 3000 heading our way, I must confess I’m tempted to hold out. That said, they better have found a way to stop crap getting under the screen because it drives me insane.

Jim Sterling