Sony confirms redesigned PlayStation 2 console, replaces innie with outtie

Gamasutra is reporting that Sony Japan have confirmed plans to release a redesigned PlayStation 2.

The hardware will be smaller than before, dropping in weight from 850 grams to 720 grams. The consoles AC adapter is moving inside the unit, and will replace the external brick found on current slim models. The “refreshed” unit is to go on sale in Japan on December 22nd, and will be available in three colors — “Charcoal Black,” “Ceramic White,” and “Satin Silver.” While previous rumors have had the console price coming down as well, this will not be the case (the console will remain at its ¥16,000 price).

No word on an official release outside of Japan, but reports have the new console not seeing Europe until early 2008. With the recently released Singstar bundle, it’s likely that North America will have to wait a bit longer as well.

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